Mitrović Presentation 2016

Processing of Rhetorical Figures for Serbian – Tools, Lexical resources and Implementation

Research related to rhetorical figures and their automatic processing in Serbian started with building the Ontology of Rhetorical Figures for Serbian which gives a formal description of 98 rhetorical figures and allows for automatic processing of these figures. I will give an overview of the way we have built and evaluated this ontology – OWL2 language was used for modelling in Protege 4.2 tool, and we used SPARQL queries for validation. Automatic detection of irony in tweets is our newest attempt in this regard. We have collected a corpus of tweets using specific rules and we managed to achieve high precision of automatic recognition of tweets using a specific set of features in the process of machine learning, i.e. a classification task. Adding new semantic relations to WordNet, based on the Simile rhetorical figure – I will give an outline of the research performed for the purpose of my PhD thesis, where we developed an automatic method of extracting relevant Adjective-Noun constructs, related to the Simile rhetorical figure (one possible form of this figure).

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